We invite you to get to know the communities that are part of the association. Some of them are still preparing to receive visitors, visit our website to get news from each community. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!


Yasy Porã

Luna hermosa

The Guarani Indigenous Tourism experience in Jasy Pora consists of a guided tour by members of the community, with a duration of approximately 2hs, or 4hs if lunch is included. We start by walking along an interpretative trail, where we show traps mostly used in the past and teach about the medicinal plants we use. We talk about our cosmovision, we pass by the “Opy” (which is a temple where the shamans perform their rituals), and we finish with a youth choir performing traditional songs. You can add to the visit the sharing of typical food made by the women of the community.

We offer the possibility of getting to know an ancestral community, hand in hand with us, in the search of a genuine experience, interpreting nature and transmitting knowledge to our visitors, leaving a bit of our culture in their hearts through our chants and typical food that really makes this adventure unforgettable.


Sonido del agua

Fortin Mborore

Batalla Mborore
(En honor al cacique “Mboro”)

During the visit to Fortín Mborore, representatives of the community welcome visitors, tell of its history, describe their reality and invite visitors to walk along the interpretative trail where they hide their hunting traps. They can see the elaboration and sale of handicrafts with their typical designs and materials obtained from the environment, they can also enjoy the excellent Guaraní cuisine, visit the resting and recreational area of the Mbocay stream that borders the village, among many other natural attractions that the Atlantic Rainforest has to offer.

Miri Marangatu

Ita Poty Miri



(Especia de palmera)

At Jejy, within the Yabotí Reserve, we have an interpretative trail where we will learn about our past and present, our cosmovision, medicinal plants, traps, walking through our abundant jungle we will be able to appreciate every moment of our time within it.

Pindo Poty

La flor de pindo
(Especia de palmera)

At Pindo Poty our experience lasts half a day, with the option of staying overnight in our cabin. We are located within the Yabotí reserve of approximately 250 thousand hectares, a few kilometres from the Moconá Falls.

Arriving at our community you will be welcomed by the chief and the children’s choir. We will walk through the community and we will start with a 40 min. trail passing by a waterfall.  After a break, we will enter another trail of approximately 50 min. where we will visit another waterfall. During the walk we will chat and let you know about our customs.

At the end of the walk, we will visit the handicraft stall and a typical lunch will await us, so we will continue sharing and enjoying the food. To bid you farewell the choir will sing again.

Jejy Miri



Territorio poblado
de cocoteros

In our community, located in the 350-hectare Teyú Cuaré provincial park, we offer you a visit to our exuberant rainforest; we will tell you about our history and our current reality along the Guyrapá trail, which lasts 45 minutes. You will learn about the traps we used to hunt with and we will identify medicinal plants.





Yvy Tu Pora

Lindos vientos

On the Eco Cultural Interpretative Trail at Yvytu Porã Community, we will learn from the native guide about our cosmovision and customs; we will appreciate the biodiverse jungle that is part of the Cuña Pirú Valley with an area of 6045 Ha. We will taste typical food such as Mbeyu, caburé with Yateí honey, among other delicacies. The youth choir will perform their traditional songs as a welcome. We will have access to the handicraft stall with their own works for sale and to the plant nursery where we will find orchids.