Support Us

Would you like to help the Association and/or its communities to grow and develop through tourism? You can d this in many ways:


1. Visit the communities

The Guaraní Community Tourism experience consists of a visit to a Mbya village, guided by members of the community, with a duration of approximately 2 hours in direct contact with nature, the Mbya Guaraní culture and their customs. If you are near any of our communities, do not hesitate to visit them, we will be happy to welcome and assist you!



2. Donations

If you prefer to actively collaborate with some of the needs of the communities that are part of the association, you can also do so. Below are the available initiatives and related communities.

  • Mejorar casilla de información turística entrada de la comunidad Iriapu
  • Costo estimado AR$250.000
  • Trabajos a realizar: (reparación de techo, luminaria, conexión eléctrica, ventilador de techo)
  • Puesta en valor de centro de visitantes comunidad Iriapu
  • Costo estimado AR$2.000.000
  • Trabajos a realizar: reparación de techo, cocina, pintura general, luminaria, conexión eléctrica, antena para internet, sillas y mesa redonda de reuniones, gigantografias de elementos culturales guaraníes para el interior
  • Costo estimado $1.000.000
  • Detalle: Una computadora e impresora para cada comunidad de Iguazu que emprende en turismo para colaborar con la función de recepción de reservas, organizar y atender clientes, imprimir recibos, etc.
  • Maquinaria y herramientas para mantenimiento de senderos de interpretación de la comunidad Ita Poti Miri
  • Costo estimado $ 200.000
  • Detalle: moto guadaña, machetes, luces, guantes, rastrillo

To make a donation you can do so by bank transfer to the following account:

  • Banco: Macro – Sucursal Iguazu
  • Tipo: Cuenta Corriente
  • Títular: Asociación Civil Mbya en Turismo
  • CUIT: 30-7170806-76
  • Número de cuenta: 300909419844889
  • CBU: 2850009630094198448891

You can also use credit card by clicking below.

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Enter the amount of your collaboration in argentinian pesos, without decimals or currency symbol (Ex. 95). To finish click on the DONATE button to go to the payment platform and finalize your donation. We are more than grateful for your support!


3. Spreading the word about our actions

Another way to join us is by following us on our networks and helping us make our existence, actions and initiatives reach further and further. Follow us and share our publications on social networks.