Guaraní Trail at Iguazú Falls

At Iguazú National Park, an Intercultural Space made up of state agents and indigenous and non-indigenous experts is working with the authorities to implement an Interpretive trail of the indigenous Guarani culture in the area of tourist use of the Falls. Progress was made in the identification of at least three options of rainforest environments where the trail could be designed and laid out.

All those who participated in this space agreed that quality intercultural education, based on the indigenous cosmovision and respectful of their spirituality, is the indispensable condition for the Higher Institute of Community Tourism to be a place where young people can begin their journey towards autonomy as professionals in Community Tourism. Graduates of this Institute will be in charge of guiding this path.

The Coordination of the Space expressed their conviction that the initiatives that bring together the governmental bodies and the grassroots organisations represented will open up opportunities that the indigenous youth are clearly eagerly awaiting. This is a historic event, they agreed, as both the Trail in the tourist area and the Training Institute represent concrete attention to the individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples and an eloquent sign of public policies that express the respect for cultural diversity demanded by society as a whole. The Iguazú Falls are waiting for a prompt tourist reactivation and, when this happens, the young people of the Guaraní culture will send their message to the world through visitors with love for their own culture, dignity and respect for the natural assets that give life to these forests that oxygenate humanity. We are convinced that this alliance for conservation will represent the spirit of reconciliation that the Planet expects us to be able to regenerate between human beings and nature for a future and better life.

The proposal to elaborate a previous record of the cultural elements that are prioritised to be transmitted through the trail, and to describe the pros and cons of the natural scenery of the route, was evaluated as well.