Higher Institute of Indigenous Community Tourism Raúl Karaí Correa

File: 7287/20 General Council of Education of Misiones

In charge of: Prof. Karai Ñechyroã Oscar Beto Benítez, Mgtr. Viviana Bacigalupo,

Prof. Vera Mȋri Fernando Villalba, Kuaray Tatachȋna Francisco Franco,


Project Summary

It is proposed to create a Higher Institute of Indigenous Community Tourism to provide an appropriate quality academic response, respectful of the indigenous worldview and framed in Intercultural Bilingual Education for young Mbya Guaraní people who graduate and have graduated from the various services of Middle School Education or Secondary School Education of Iguazú and the province that operate in the communities and do not have their own academic offer for the continuation of their studies. In this sense, we propose a tertiary level course of study: SUPERIOR TECHNICIAN IN INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY TOURISM.

This three-year technical course also offers two intermediate degrees: NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE INTERPRETER after completing and passing the first year of studies and INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY TOURISM MANAGER after passing the second year.

On the other hand, and in response to the specific demands of the numerous tourism enterprises that are being organised in the province and that require specific training, an ITINERANT TRAINING PROGRAMME has been designed, made up of interrelated modules.

In both proposals, and with different levels of training, the aim is to offer an intercultural pedagogical proposal that trains indigenous young people as professionals in Indigenous Community Tourism, with skills that will allow them to enter and operate in the world of work related to this activity in conditions of equity, as well as to promote the self-management and development of activities related to Community Tourism in order to foster a better quality of life for families and to promote an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourism activity in such a way that the community tourism activity becomes a tool for the appreciation of the cultural and natural heritage of the Guaraní People.